H20 Breastfeeding Pack: A new mum gift



The perfect baby shower breastfeeding pack! The hydration requirements for new mums increases during breastfeeding. Ensure you stay hydrated and keep track of your intake with the First in Breast Dressed breastfeeding pack 750ml water bottle. Treat your breasts to the best with the Rite Aid Sample pack contained within. Nipple cream can be applied straight after a feed to help improve comfort of sore and cracked nipples. Trial the Hydrogel Breast Discs in the fridge for extra cooling relief, and ensure you stay dry with the Rite Aid breast pads which adhere to your nursing bra. All this plus have a cup of tea on me!

Included in the breastfeeding pack:

  • 750ml Water Bottle – dishwasher safe, BPA free
  • Rite Aid Nipple Serum perfect for sore and cracked nipples (and moisturising feet incidentally!),
  • 2 x sample tea bags
  • 2 x sample Rite Aid Hydrogel discs
  • 2 x sample Rite Aid breast pads




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