This little corner of cyber space will be anonymous no longer. I have decided in order to fully connect with you I need to share all of me, so here is a little Hello and welcome from FIBD Mumma:

I’m a Perth mum of two boys: DS1 and Little D. Wife to Mr FIBD. Over the years I’ve been a barista, junior boarding house mistress (yep that’s a thing in the UK), uni student, physio, writer, lactavist, Mumpreneur-avist and true believer of fed is best(-avist). And yes I believe you can be both a lactavist and support mums to feed their baby in any way that leads to growth and happiness. I haven’t been able to exclusively breastfeed either of my boys successfully but I’ve given it a red hot crack! My new goal is to become an IBCLC while raising these boys as a happy mumma.

My little mum hood journey has been a rocky one and as we go on I hope I can share with you all the hills and the valleys along the way. Anxiety has been a big part of where I have been and likely not something I will ever be without. PND and emotional birth trauma, cracked nipples and low supply have all been there too. Nowadays I’m somewhere in between brimming with love for my two gorgeous boys and loosing my trolley on a daily basis! I hope to join you on this journey and look forward to getting to know you all! Have a beautiful day! ?

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