This is the little man I sent off to his very first day of Kindy this morning! We were both very brave.

Back when he was a breastfed babe

I *may* be sitting here over analysing why my baby didn’t get upset to see me leave, or acknowledge it. Thinking he might just be completely bottling up his feelings of resentment and fear of abandonment, as I casually stroll out the door with his baby brother and go home to play with *his* lego and cars and kitchen all day without him. Secretly plotting how to escape the confines of the school room, most likely by climbing, and springing his good friends as well. Trying to remember if it was one or two right turns then a left to get home…

Or maybe I’m crazy and he is just excited to start school!

This is the same beautiful boy that I once held and cried, trying everything known to man to stimulate a milk supply that just wouldn’t come. I would feed, pump, top up, repeat. We would spend our days together on the couch, mostly with the heater on, blinds closed, safe in our bubble in an endless feeding haze.

The same little man who accompanied me to group therapy, where I would leave him in a creche for an hour at a time (or was it two?) all be it just in the room next door.

My boy I left again, at Daycare while I went to work. This time he was brave, I was not.

Today, I left him once again. Each experience has helped us, sometimes in was I haven’t understood until much later. We have both grown hugely emotionally, and for perhaps the first “first” I didn’t cry!

Wouldn’t mind a stiff drink though…


Hold your babies tight today Mumma’s. No matter how hard and long the days (and nights) seen right now, pretty soon you’ll blink and your tiny princes and princesses will be walking through the school gate, waving you goodbye without a care in the world!

Did you send your little people off to school this week? Share your brave stories with me!

Photo by Kelly Champion Photography

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