Blocked Ducts or Mastitis?

Now that is the most important question. The treatment will vary greatly depending on the answer. Mastitis is a system wide infection requiring urgent medical care and antibiotics. Once under the care of your doctor and the antibiotics have their chance to work, then you can assist with self care towards unblocking the ducts.

Blocked milk ducts on the other hand can be eased with some home remedies and a trip to your local, friendly Women’s Health Physio. Here are my top tips for staying on top of your blockages:

  1. Warm compress over the breast to help to soften the blockage. You can check out our uniquely breast shaped hot / cool packs here.
  2. Gentle massage over the affected area to continue to soften. You can also use an electric toothbrush, other gentle vibrating tool or this purpose built lactation massager. #affilliatelink
  3. Feed from the affected side within 20minutes of massage.
  4. For more stubborn blockages I highly recommend Ultrasound treatment from a trained Women’s Health physiotherapist. This treatment delivers a sound wave frequency to the area to create a massage at cellular level. Ask your local physiotherapist if they have this option available today. Again it is very important you feed within 20 minutes of treatment. Baby’s suction with help to remove the blockage.

Let me know if you have had any success with any of the above options, or your own!


Lactation Massager for Blocked Ducts

Lactation Massager for Blocked Ducts

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