Burnout in Healthcare – Instagram Reel


I. Gave. Everything. 

And all of me. My best.

Until there was nothing left. 

I served more and through every pore

came tears, blood, sweat.

My well ran dry 

and still the cry

To give more than I had to share. 

Nothing but take,

silence deafening as I break. 

No recognition, no clue, no care. 

Over again – relentless, no relief. 

As I struggled, only disbelief.

Once burning bright 

now a shattered shell of dim light. 

Left lonely. Drowning. I sink.

It would never get better.

No one person could matter.

they hit the sand below.

grit in fresh wounds not healing, just ooze.

dissociated. uncertain. bubbles ceased.

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