Hello and welcome

This little corner of cyber space will be anonymous no longer. I have decided in order to fully connect with you I need to share all of me, so here is a little Hello and welcome from FIBD Mumma: I'm a Perth mum of two boys: DS1 and Little D. Wife to Mr FIBD. Over the...

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Back to Breast

Well this is a bit telling. The fact my last post was April 15 2014... I wasn't ready, I couldn't handle it and I struggled until this point. My original dream of being a Lactation Consultant was temporarily set back by the fact I couldn't see another mum feeding...

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First Glitch in the Road

So I have found my first real big hurdle... I am struggling to talk to women who are successfully breast feeding. Call me selfish, call me sad but the jealousy is seriously consuming me and I am really at odds with what to do. I was so excited to begin this journey,...

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My epiphany

Part of my journey requires making previous bad experiences mean something. Turning the crappy into good. This is the journey from disempowered mumma to Lactation Conaultant in 18 months. Mother to one beautiful 10 month old baby boy, my emotional ride as a mum has...

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