Breastfeeding Beyond a Year

by Elizabeth Nagle Why you and your baby can benefit from extended feeding While it’s fun starting your baby on solids from six months, some women follow the old wives’ tale of going straight to cow milk when their loved one starts on food, when they really don’t need...

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5 Common Breastfeeding Myths Busted

Let’s bust some breastfeeding myths! By Elizabeth Nagle             There’s no doubt about it; breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences a woman will go through. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and each...

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How to clear blocked ducts

Blocked Ducts or Mastitis? Now that is the most important question. The treatment will vary greatly depending on the answer. Mastitis is a system wide infection requiring urgent medical care and antibiotics. Once under the care of your doctor and the antibiotics have...

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Post Partum Thyroiditis: Diagnosis

I don't often like to write about topics I don't fully understand, particularly when they are medically related. It is for this reason I'm adding a disclaimer upfront to this one: All experiences written below are my own. Mine is not necessarily the typical...

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Thermal Imaging: A “Let Down” Study

Haven't you always wondered what breastfeeding would look under thermal imaging? How to dectect a let down? How much milk your baby is really getting? Turns out there's a research project for that, and it is all about helping you! The Hartmann Human Lactation Research...

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When Dairy Free is the Way to be

Thank you to guest blogger, and my gorgeous friend, Nicolle for providing a snapshot look into life when feeding doesn't go to plan. This is just one way in which a feeding relationship can be interrupted, and one I have had very little knowledge of until now. Over to...

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Breastfeeding at the Beach

As parents, no longer can we just jump in the car unprepared and expect a nice day at the beach. This family trip especially requires a good deal of forward planning. Here are my top tips for beach going as a breastfeeding mum. Cover up This is the only time you will...

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5 Minutes 4 Mum: An Interview

Early in 2015 I was ready. Ready to embrace myself and work on that one thing that is so hard for all of us as Mums... Self Care. I had heard of Linda Anderson's program before, but at this time everything just fell into place. I was ready, the program was at the...

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From the Bosom to the Schoolyard

This is the little man I sent off to his very first day of Kindy this morning! We were both very brave. I *may* be sitting here over analysing why my baby didn't get upset to see me leave, or acknowledge it. Thinking he might just be completely bottling up his...

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Postnatal Depression and Anxiety

Back to Where it all Began I have never shied away from the fact that Postnatal Depression and more so Anxiety has been a large part of my life for a long time. It went undiagnosed, untreated and swept to the side, which (suprise!) did not make it better. It is one of...

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Top 5 New Baby Checklist

I am officially a guest blogger! Thank you to Janette at My Sweet Prints for the collaboration opportunity. Head over to say hi and check out her amazing work while you are there. What was your number...

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Snug Jugs

It is so important to give your breasts the support they need throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding and here is why: The breast is the tissue overlying the chest or pectoral muscles. Connective tissue and ligaments provide support to the breast and give it its shape....

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Launch / liftoff!

I have taken the leap and launched the first product line for First in Breast Dressed! Collaborating with a very talented Western Australian company for our first range of Mumma Silicone Jewellery and Baby Teethers. I am so excited to be working with such amazingly...

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Hello and welcome

This little corner of cyber space will be anonymous no longer. I have decided in order to fully connect with you I need to share all of me, so here is a little Hello and welcome from FIBD Mumma: I'm a Perth mum of two boys: DS1 and Little D. Wife to Mr FIBD. Over the...

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