Early in 2015 I was ready. Ready to embrace myself and work on that one thing that is so hard for all of us as Mums… Self Care. I had heard of Linda Anderson’s program before, but at this time everything just fell into place. I was ready, the program was at the right time and bonus I was able to jump on the early bird discount! In Linda’s words:

“As busy mums we usually put ourselves down the bottom of the to-do list, until finding five minutes to ourselves seems like a luxury, but. 5 minutes is NOT a luxury. It’s essential.”

5 Minutes 4 Mum lived up to my every expectation, then went beyond. Linda taught me not only to take the time, but that I was worthy of it as well! Since then I have had ongoing access to the material and prompts via the closed Facebook group to go back and re-visit it when I need a gentle reminder. Focusing on a key aspect of your life each week, 5 Minutes 4 Mum allows you to work at your own pace. If you aren’t able to complete the worksheets each week that is ok, re-visit it when you can. So long as you remember that all important 5 Minutes for You each day! For Calm, For Simplicity, For Body and the all important For Fun are just some of the topics covered over this course.

Today I have been lucky enough to interview the creative Mumma behind 5 Minutes 4 Mum, Linda Anderson.

Can you share with us your elevator spiel? Who is Linda On The Go?

I am a Mum of 3 daughters (8, 6 and 4 years), a Life Coach and an adventurous soul!  I have been a life coach for over 12 years now and in recent years I have dedicated my professional skills to supporting Mums. Through my own journey as a mother I realised how little time and attention was given to helping Mums nurture their own needs and adjust as a woman to the massive personal transformation that occurs when you become a Mum.


Where did the idea for 5 minutes 4 mum begin?

With 3 young children of my own I have very limited time available to coach Mums one to one. I wanted to find another way to help more Mums without burning myself out in the process!  As a coach I know that the most powerful thing I can do is kick start the process of change for Mums and 5 Minutes 4 Mum is a fantastic way of achieving that.  Because it is all online there is no limit to the number of Mums who can take part, Mums can work at their own pace any time of day or night, and Mums still have access to my expertise in the Facebook group aligned to the program.

Mums are often stuck waiting for the “perfect hour” for themselves but then get stuck because they can’t see how on earth they can achieve that. In 5 Minutes 4 Mum we focus on finding much smaller chunks of time, but frequently. Mums are always amazed and how quickly this impacts the quality of their life … they feel less overwhelmed, happier, more energetic and calmer as a result.

I can absolutely attest to that! Can you tell me your most memorable moments in business so far?

Gosh, there have been a few:

  • The very first coaching client I ever had all those years ago. I still remember how shocked I was that someone was going to pay me!
  • Launching 5 Minutes 4 Mum
  • Being given the opportunity the be the “Family Travel” blogger for Expedia for a year … and getting to take my family to Borneo as part of the role


What does 5 minutes 4 You as a Mum look like?

  • A sneaky chapter of my book up on my bed. If the kids are happy playing I am happy to ignore the washing that needs folding so I can read.
  • 5 minutes by the beach before I start my work day. I might have a takeaway coffee, take a stroll or perhaps just sit and meditate for 5 minutes.
  • I quite like to take 5 minutes in the garden, in the sunshine, to weed the garden. I find it quite therapeutic!


And when you have a little longer, what is your favourite self care pastime?

A weekend away … alone!  These only happen every couple of years but I am really craving one right now …

In day to day life I really love taking a long walk on the beach at dusk while my husband deals with getting kids ready for bed.

Can you share with us your biggest parenting win/advice?

Listen to your own intuition and stop comparing yourself to others. You are more amazing as a mother than you realise … trust that “your way” works for “your family”


I love this! It is something I think we all struggle with! What is your favourite quote?

You will recognise this one from 5 Minutes 4 Mum … it is my absolute favourite!



I agree, since starting 5 Minutes 4 Mum this one has been my favourite! Along with “I am enough”

If there was one holiday destination you crave to visit, where would it be?

Vietnam has been on my list for about 8 years and I am excited to say we are taking the kids there in April for 12 days. Africa still on my travel bucket list!

Thank you so much Linda, for taking the time to Q and A with me!

Mums, if you do one thing for yourself this year have a look at this wonderful program! It is not too late to start your New Year intention of taking time for yourself. 5 Minutes 4 Mum is enrolling Monday February 13th to 23rd February. Click on the graphic below and have a look for yourself all of the wonderful topics covered by this course. You will also get access to the content for life to be able to refer to it when you are in need of a refresher.

This blog contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own.

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