5 Gentle Ways To Help Your Baby Through Teething

As a parent, top of your priority list is your child’s happiness and health. When the dreaded teething kicks in, it’s all you want to see that gummy smile again, and for them to be comfortable. As babies, they have no idea why suddenly their mouths are sore, tummies are uncomfortable, and all they want is a cuddle from mum (but even that can’t actually make them feel better!)

With most baby teeth poking through between the ages of 6 months and 2.5 years, that’s a lot of time for upset, irritability, and sleepless nights too.

As a mama of two (one of which is in the throes of teething now!), I wanted to share with you my top 5 ideas to help soothe those sore gums.

  1. Massage – apply pressure

If bub will let you, a gum or cheek massage is a wonderful way to apply pressure to the inflamed area. If you can get a clean finger or knuckle in (and they don’t have any other teeth yet!), they will LOVE this. The counter pressure of chomping down really helps to relieve the pain. Otherwise gently rubbing their cheek, up to their ear, is really soothing and calming (my daughter loves this). I sometimes also use a safely diluted blend of essential oils for teething babies. This contains lavender, chamomile and helichrysum (each chosen to help settle, soothe and relieve pain).

  1. Food – the colder the better

Sometimes super soft, pureed food is a feeling of pure joy for those inflamed and sore gums. Especially if it has come from the fridge. A quick win could be yoghurt, or a cold, homemade apple sauce. Sometimes babe just wants something to chow down on – cue celery, cucumber, carrot sticks – all from the fridge (of course!). Ice cubes can also be fun and cooling given to baby in a mesh net, or even breastmilk ice cubes. Frozen berries and bananas are also perfect for chomping on and getting some nutrition too J

  1. Chewable toys – safe, natural and fun!

You will notice that anything, and everything, gets popped into their mouths and chewed! Just to check if it will be good for providing any much-needed relief J Fingers, toys, furniture, cutlery (my daughter particularly loves the edge of our wooden dining table!!). When looking for toys, you want to be sure they are safe and low-tox for your baby. Wooden toys are wonderful and give that extra benefit of sensory play. They are also natural hevea rubber options as well as beautiful silicone ones. The swiss cross teethers are great for grasping, easy to hold, and good to reach the back of the gums. Just be sure to steer clear of plastic, especially BPA.

  1. Wet cloths – with a secret ingredient

One of our top tips is to soak a clean cloth or flannel in water, then pop it in the freezer. Your babe will love playing wit it, chewing down on it and getting some relief for those inflamed gums, best of all it provides some much needed distraction! You can also soak the cloth in a strong brew of chamomile tea… a wonderful natural sedative, it helps to relax and soothe pain. Pop in the freezer, then give to babe as needed. The chamomile could also be poured into ice cube moulds (or popsicles!) and frozen. What teething babe wouldn’t love a chamomile popsicle?!

  1. Baltic Amber

Known for its analgesic properties, Baltic amber is a popular natural remedy for teething babies. Worn often as a necklace (or bracelet, or anklet), the warmth of the body releases the succinic acid in Baltic amber. It actually helps the thyroid gland to reduce the level of drool too… powerful stuff!

I hope some of these ideas help you and your little ones in times of teething! It is certainly not easy, and never nice to see our babes upset and irritable. Would love to hear how you get on, or if you find any MUST have teething tips along your journey… xx


Guest Blog by

Caroline Fenton

Caroline is releasing a series of natural, low-tox teething survival kits. To find out more join the VIP pre-launch party to receive exclusive discounts, offers and teething freebies. You can find her on Facebook and @avidivababy on Instagram or swing by the site at www.avidiva.com.au.

Caroline is a Perth mum to two premmie babes now 1 and 4 years old. With tricky starts to life for both (and to motherhood!), Caroline has researched, tried and tested many natural, organic products to find those that are good for her babes and the environment too. Her biz, Avidiva, showcases her passion for stylish, but natural goodies and gifts.


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