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Thermal Imaging: A “Let Down” Study

Haven’t you always wondered what breastfeeding would look under thermal imaging? How to dectect a let down? How much milk your baby is really getting? Turns out there’s a research project for that, and it is all about helping you! The Hartmann Human...

When Dairy Free is the Way to be

Thank you to guest blogger, and my gorgeous friend, Nicolle for providing a snapshot look into life when feeding doesn’t go to plan. This is just one way in which a feeding relationship can be interrupted, and one I have had very little knowledge of until now....

Breastfeeding at the Beach

As parents, no longer can we just jump in the car unprepared and expect a nice day at the beach. This family trip especially requires a good deal of forward planning. Here are my top tips for beach going as a breastfeeding mum. Cover up This is the only time you will...

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